Devon Mitton

I'm a designer that loves to code and make things. I see design as not simply making things look nice (although that is a part of it), but as making things make sense. I'm simply trying to leave this world a little bit nicer than how I found it.

I'm currently leading a fantastic team of product designers at Clio as a product design manager.

Stuff I wrote

Seek first to understand

Out of all of the 7 habits of highly effective people, this one stands out the most for me. It’s been one of the most transformative to me, it’s stuck in my brain the longest, and is the advice I give the most often:

Seek first to understand then to be understood.

New website

So, I finally got sick of looking at my 4 year old website and decided it was time to shake things up a bit.

With COVID in full swing, working from home and lacking a commute, I find myself with a bit more time on my hands.